Saudi Green Building Forum’s saaf® wins UN consultative special status

The UN’s Economic & Social Council (Ecosoc) has granted consultative special status to the Saudi Green Building Forum’s saaf® programme.

This the first time a Saudi Arabian non-government organisation (NGO) has been recognised in this way for its work in promoting sustainability in the built environment.

“Gaining Ecosoc consultative special status is a great step forward for the green building movement in Saudi Arabia,” says Saudi Green Building Forum (SGBF) secretary general Faisal Alfadl.

“It will help SGBF members to engage with UN secretariat programmes and to participate in programmes and initiatives by presenting important matters within their field of competence. We join Ecosoc in its work to achieve goals central to our mission. Our voice will now be heard at the highest levels within the global urban sustainability community.”

Since 1979, Ecosoc has granted special consultative status to five Saudi Arabian bodies including the National Society for Human rights, which was also recognised this year.

Ecosoc is a professional civil society, membership-based organisation which helps to develop green building practices and culture and is working on the creation of a comprehensive database of guidance systems and standards through four channels: conferences, education and training, projects support and marketplace action

The saaf® by Saudi Green Building Forum shows that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has the capacity to make a difference to the environmental impact of changes in the built environment, says Alfadl. This is done through monitoring building and city design and promoting the construction and operation of clean energy facilities, efficient water systems, the use of sustainable building materials, the development of indoor air quality standards and supporting an integrated approach to infrastructure, buildings and cities.

For more information about the Saudi Green Building Forums saaf® programme, contact the Secretariat of the The Saudi Green Building Forum, B4 AlKindi Plaza Diplomatic Quarter, PO Box 94763 Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 11614. T: +966114888592 F: +966114831384. Website: Email: