KA-Care leadership change could mean new Saudi solar policy: Bloomberg

The departure of one of the most senior executives at the King Abdullah City for Atomic & Renewable Energy (Ka-Care) could signal a change of direction at the Saudi agency that will involve it focussing on nuclear power, according to a report by Bloomberg yesterday.

Ka-Care vice president Khalid al-Sulaiman is reported by Bloomberg to have stepped down as a result of the Saudi government not renewing his contract.

Middle East Solar Industry Association president Vahid Fotuhi was reported as saying that he believed that Ka-Care’s plan would be reviewed following Al-Sulaiman’s departure. He said that one possibility is that the agency would focus on nuclear power. Responsibility for developing solar power may now be devolved to other Saudi agencies and companies such as Saudi Aramco, Fotuhi is reported as saying.

Ka-Care was established by royal order in 2010.

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