The next steps to the end of Iranian sanctions

The joint comprehensive plan of action (JCPOA) agreed today by Iran and the West involves further steps that will have to be completed before UN, US and EU sanctions are lifted:

Today’s agreement is deemed to be finalisation day. This is the date on which negotiations of the JCPOA were concluded among the E3/EU+3 and Iran. It is to be followed promptly by submission of a resolution endorsing the JCPOA to the UN Security Council for adoption without delay.

Adoption day will be 90 days after the endorsement of the JCPOA by the security council, or such earlier date as may be determined by mutual consent of the JCPOA participants. At this time, the JCPOA will come into effect.

Implementation day is the date on which — simultaneously with the IAEA report verifying implementation by Iran of the nuclear-related measures —  the EU and the US will take steps to lift sanctions in line with security council resolutions.

Full clearance of Iran’s nuclear programme will take place in two further stages. Transition day is the date 8 years after adoption day or the date on which the director general of the IAEA submits a report stating that the IAEA has reached the broader conclusion that all nuclear material in Iran remains in peaceful activities, whichever is earlier.

UN Security Council resolution termination day is the date on which the UN Security Council resolution endorsing the JCPOA terminates according to its terms, which is to be 10 years from adoption day.