MEED Conference told Kuwait should introduce solar power buy-back scheme

The MEED Kuwait Energy & Water Efficiency conference in Kuwait was told this morning that the Ministry of Electricity & Water (MEW) should consider introducing a solar power purchase scheme to encourage homeowners to install renewable systems and reduce their consumption of heavily-subsidised power and water

“The ministry should create an attractive buy-back scheme for consumers who will generate electricity,” Middle East Renewable Energy Group managing director Sami al-Ali said.

Al-Ali said that the MEW is selling electricity to Kuwaiti consumers at 2 fills a kilowatt hour. This compares with average production costs of 42 fils.

Al-Ali said that even if the MEW paid 10 fils for solar power produced by rooftop units installed in Kuwaiti homes, this would deliver major savings.

“Buying solar power should also promote awareness among the public to reduce consumption,” Al-Ali said. “If a consumer is producing power, his awareness will increase.”

Al-Ali said the MEW should us power and water prices to curb overconsumption.

“It is unfair for someone who is extremely wasteful to be charged the same as someone who is careful,” Al-Ali said.

The Kuwait Energy & Water Efficiency Conference is being held in the Jumeirah Messilah Beach hotel in Kuwait City. The conference is supported by the Ministry of Electricity & Water and endorsed by the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Science (KFAS).

Drake & Scull and Kimmco are conference sponsors. Commercial Bank of Kuwait (CBK) and Mushrif Trading & Contracting Company are networking sponsors.