IAEA governors meet on Thursday; Iran the top issue

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The IAEA Board of Governors will convene a meeting at the agency’s headquarters in the Vienna International Centre starting at 1030 Central European Time (CET) on 26 November.

Board discussions are expected to cover progress in the assessment of Iran’s compliance with the IAEA’s nuclear roadmap and the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) signed in July. The meeting could be the last before the board reviews the IAEA’s final assessment of Iran’s actions to reduce its nuclear capacity. This is due to be presented no later than 15 December and could be ready as early as 1 December.

Director General Yukiya Amano is expected to hold a news conference at 1430 CET on 26 November 2015. Live video streaming of the news conference will be available online.

IAEA officials say that the formal presentation of the final assessment will be followed by a decision about whether the board approves it. This could take place on the day the assessment is submitted. That would automatically clear the way for the immediate announcement of Implementation Day when all nuclear-related sanctions imposed by Iran by the US, the UN and the EU will be relaxed. This includes the embargo on EU imports of Iranian crude oil.